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CHIMERA BOOKENDS- JWH Studio Chimera Bookends - $27.95 each - $54.95 pair
These beautiful bookends were inspired by two fantastic gargoyle-like critters that adorn a building in Chicago. Jay's original adaptations of these characters in miniature add style to any library, as they serve you to guard your favorite novels.
6 1/2" (interior plaster)
Guardian of Hopes & Dreams- JWH Studio Guardian of Hopes & Dreams
Small (8 1/2") $25.95
Medium (11") $43.95

Somber and strong willed, the Guardian sits chained to the pedestal of hopeful futures, protecting one's dreams through thick and thin, undaunted by flitting whims and desires. (interior plaster)
See our new 26" edition for outdoors!
Vigilant Gryphon- JWH Studio Vigilant Gryphon - $34.95
According to legend the mythical gryphon is known to have guarded gold mines and the wealth of pharoahs and kings. Our Vigilant Gryphon stands guard over one's self esteem, as the mighty protector of inner worth.
7" (interior plaster)
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