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The King: KNG.02c $37.95
This heraldic carving of the King represents a man with a kind and patient nature. He and his soul mate the Queen, rule their dominion with a quiet strength that comes with insight and an understanding of humankind. 9 1/2”

The Queen: QNN.02c $37.95
This heraldic carving of the Queen represents the dignified grace of a strong and passionate woman. She and her soul mate the King, faithfully guide their loyal subjects by example, through their honest and noble actions. 9 1/2”

Medusa LMDSA.6 $47.95
In mythology this terrifying Gorgon was slain by Perseus. Her image was often used on shields, which when used in battle would immobilize the enemy with fear. 10”

The Oaksman Keystone OKSMN6C $36.95
Inspired by architectural keystones, this elder of the oaks will guard your home or garden wall with honor and dignity. 8”

Pomona Keystone PMNA6C $36.95
The Roman goddess of flowering and fruit bearing trees is a beautiful match for the Oaksman Keystone, and will adorn a garden wall with grace. 8”

The Four Seasons: 10” each $48.95 each or $187.95 set of four
Spring: LSP.01
This allegorical relief is a representation of the growth season. Youthful and wide-eyed, she is adorned with a flowering veil and a crown of spring flowers.
Summer: LSMR.02
This allegorical relief catches the radiant face of Summer, bursting with the life and energy of a summers day.
Fall: LFLL.6
Cheerfully surrounded by a halo of grape leaves, the allegory of Fall represents the abundance of the Autumn harvests.
Winter: LWNTR.02
In this allegorical relief of Winter, a crystalline snowflake frames the icy gaze of our chilly elder.

Fountainhead Lion LION4C $31.95
Peering down from above, this stylish feline will guard your villa while you are away or great your guests at the gate. 7 1/2” (also available in hydrocal)

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Chester LCHST.01 (your choice, cement or designer resin) $118.00
Let this gargopher guard your garden with vigilance and attitude. Ever watchful and cautious, this critter keeps his eye out for troubles lurking in the shadows. 12”

Faith FTH7C $74.95
Devotional Faith is the first collaborative piece by Jay and Christine Theo Hungate. She will gracefully accent your beautiful garden spaces.(also available in hydrostone) 16”

Guardian of Hopes & Dreams
11" GHPD5 (medium in plaster) $43.95
26" (Large in Designer Resin or Cement)
- $235
Somber and strong willed, the Guardian sits chained to the pedestal of hopeful futures, protecting one's dreams through thick and thin, undaunted by flitting whims and desires. This NEW 26" edition is perfect for a strong presence in your garden or for standing guard at your gate. Available in mossy cement or bronze finished resin. Both are suitable for outdoor placement.
Please note that our smaller 8" and medium 11" versions are plaster, and are intended for interior use only.

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